world-class manUfacturing

Our CBD products are made using the highest quality organic industrial hemp in a GMP-certified facility.


Our team of formulators will guide you through the process, ins and outs of formulating your own product.


Our designers can help your product line look cohesive and stand out with beautiful looking labels and packaging.


Store your product in our California fulfillment center and let us pick, pack, and ship products for you affordably.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Jumpstart your CBD business with 

our pre-formulated products. 

Pre-formulated CBD products


Nighttime Formulated CBD Oil Tincture

Formulated CBD Tinctures

Broad Spectrum Softgels

CBD Softgel Capsules

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummy Edibles

CBD Freeze Cream

CBD Pain Creams

Disposable CCELL Pens

Disposable CCELL CBD Pens

Anti-Separation Formulated  CBD Oil Tincture for Pets

CBD Pet Formulations

Quality you can stand behind


All of our products are made with higher-grade broad spectrum CBD distillate oil which contains non-detectable traces of THC, minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, and terpenes.  Yes we can formulate with CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum too!


Our products are 100% organic and contain zero artificial preservatives


All products are made with 100% organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free Oregon hemp


All finished products are verified through independent, third party labs using HPLC analysis. All batches are tested for highest quality and potency; ensuring consistency and purity of terpenes


"HWL far exceeded my expectations.  I am new to the CBD market and their team walked me through every step of the way making sure I build my business efficiently.

- Eduardo L

"I don't think these guys sleep.  They are available 7 days a week and the owners were always available to answer questions - even after the sale!  Well done!  

- Ivan H

"HWL does not short cut anything!  Ultra high quality product that I am proud and confident to sell to my customers!"

- Elyssa M


Can you make products using full spectrum  oil, isolate, or hemp seed oil instead?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you sell bulk oils?

Yes, we do.  Please contact us for prices as they change frequently.

How long does it take to make my order

After labels and packaging is approved, products ship in 4-6 weeks.

Do you export products out of the country?

We do not ship products internationally but we can ship to your customs broker who can help you export the product legally.

We've Got Your Covered

The legality and compliance of your hemp derived CBD products are just as important as the quality and results of your products. 

State Department of Agriculture 

Fully compliant with State Department of Agriculture regulations, we provide some of the most rich medicinal hemp in the USA. 

Industrial Hemp Registered 

Hemp White Label Co. only produce products using hemp that is Industrial Hemp Registered 

Farm Bill Compliant 

All of our hemp is USA grown in accordance with section 7606 of the 2014 US Farm Bill 

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