Easysnap® is the only one hand opening and dispensing portion pack for low to high viscosity liquids.   

✔️ CBD oil drops

✔️ Lotions, Creams, and Serums

✔️ Shampoo

✔️ Hand Sanitizer

✔️ Food products

Fold It & Squeeze It

Benefits Overview

Cost-effective on-ramp to customer product adoption

For the hemp-curious individual EasySnaps® allows a much lower price point, ultimately driving higher customer adoption for repeat purchase and upsell opportunity 

Single dose packaging creates ease-of-use

Easysnap® packaging saves space and volume. For those on-the-go, the single use packaging allows no-guess dosing and practicality

Increased profit margin

Enjoy upwards of 70% gross profit margin when buying at our volume-based rates and selling at suggested MSRP 

Private and White Label

White Label

Customize packagine with one of our turnkey formulated products

Private Label

Work side by side our product development team to customize one of your own formulations.


Use your own product and formulations in EasySnaps®

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